Company "BBP" Ltd. is a manufacturer of fruit-vegetable paste (puree), sterilized and canned vegetables and fruits and semi-manifactured foods.

   The factory is established in 1999. The production base of "BBP" Ltd. is located in town of Parvomay, Plovdiv district, situated in the Thracian plain. The company uses Bulgarian raw materials in its production, and this is giving an unique and unforgettable taste of Bulgarian fruits and vegetables in their products.

   In the beginning "BBP" Ltd. started the production of vegetable and fruit concentrates (puree). Mainly take place tomato and pepper paste, made for industrial production. The company uses modern technology - the paste is sterilized and filled in aseptic bags.

   In 2002 the company opens a line of processing and freezing fruits and vegetables. 
   The company started in 2006 production of canned vegetables under the brand "BBP". Currently the brand produces more than 40 products : liutenitsa, puree, canned vegetables and fruits, salads and etc.

  The company obtains a permit for production and marketing of products of animal origin  since June 2012.

   "BBP" Ltd produces products under the brand name of their customers. Work done with materials by the client is a common practice because "BBP" Ltd. has built a name as a reliable partner and manufacturer of quality products in the food industry.

   "BBP" Ltd. maintains good relations with leading manufacturers of canned food in Bulgaria, which used in its production vegetable and fruit concentrates and preparations. In addition to the Bulgarian market "BBP" Ltd is well positioned in international trade. The company exports its products to countries in the European Union, Canada, Russia, USA, China and others.